The Dancing Plague (Extreme)

Prepull Phase 1: Intro Bright Sabbath Moderate magical raidwide. (Prepull shield this one!) Phantom Rune (Out) AoE centered on boss. Telegraphed by Titania's wings flaring out. Mist Rune Eight puddles spawn. One player must be in each puddle when the timer expires. Flame Rune Stack marker on both healers. Groups of 4 stack in opposite puddles. Divination Rune Magic buster, ~90° cone, infinite range. Chain of Brambles All DPS tether to a tank or healer. Move to center, wait until cast resolves, then run to opposite corners to break. Phantom Rune (In) Donut AoE centered on boss. Telegraphed by spinning staff + wind. Midsummer Night's Dream Removes arena railings. Falling or running off is lethal.
Phase 2: "Let's play in the forest!" Thunder Rune ("Tethers") Fae Light Heavy magic buster: ~90° cone, 3 hits, short range. Share or invuln. Growth Rune Two corners of the arena become unsafe, marked in purple. Gather in the center for Chain of Brambles. Chain of Brambles Divination Rune Conal buster Frost Rune ("Shiva") Uplift AoE markers on all players for moderate damage. Spread out. Phantom Rune (In) Stack under boss
Phase 3: Adds
Three adds spawn. Timer starts for secondary enrage.
  • One tank should grab Puck (north side).
  • One tank should grab Peaseblossom (west side).
  • Kill in order: Mustardseed (E) → Puck (N) → Peaseblossom (W).
Floordodge and AoE markers happen here, dependent on kill speed. Healers and tanks should watch for Puck's Pummel and Peaseblossom's Hard Swing.

Phase 3-II: "Bigger is better!"

Adds will respawn as giants, gaining enhanced versions of their previous skills. Kill order and tank strategy remains the same.

Peasebomb + Leafstorm Conal AoE + AoE markers on non-tanks; spread. It's OK for unmarked players to take damage from a single marker. Puck's Breath Stack marker on one healer. Whispering Wind Magic raidwide. Puck's Rebuke + Chain of Brambles Peasebomb + Puck's Breath Stack marker on one player + wide AoE markers on several players. Players with AoE markers should spread and make space for all other players to stack. Being Mortal Heavy magic raidwide.
Phase 4: Review Mist Rune +
Phantom Rune (?)
Handle Phantom Rune (random variant!) before puddles. Getting hit will prevent you from reaching your puddle in time.
Flame Rune +
Growth Rune
Phantom Rune (?) Random variant. Healers should Rescue anyone hit by the "Out" variant to prevent them from walking off the edge. Bright Sabbath Raidwide Fae Light GNB and PLD will not have their invulns if they were used on the previous Fae Light; you may need to share. Frost Rune Shiva ice circles Uplift Spread Bright Sabbath Raidwide Thunder Rune PLD typically will not have Hallowed Ground if it was used on the previous Thunder Rune. Growth Rune Get to center, check corners Chain of Brambles Break chains, dodge vines Phantom Rune (?) Random variant. Bright Sabbath Raidwide Divination Rune Conal buster Bright Sabbath (!) Hard enrage. 10-second cast.