The Twinning

Trash: Repurposing

128-Tonze Swing (Servomechanical Minotaur): Unmarked point-blank AoE. Interruptible.
Main Head (Surplus Kaliyah): Buster.

Boss #1: Alpha Zaghnal

Augurium: Unmarked frontal cone.
Beastly Roar: Raidwide.
Forlorn Impact: Sword markers on all players; unmarked column AoEs in sequence, infinite range.
Pounce Errant: Wide AoE markers on all players, resolving in sequence.
Charge Eradicated: Stack marker on one player; drops large puddle. Repeats once.

Trash: Aetherial Observation

Berserk (Vitalized Reptoid): Grants Damage Up. Interruptible.

Boss #2: Mithridates

Thunder Beam: Buster.
Electric Discharge: Orbs appear, detonating for medium AoEs after a delay.
Laserblade: Several column AoEs in a grid.
Allagan Thunder: AoE markers on multiple players. Medium damage.

Trash: The Cornice

Luminous Laceration (Ghrah Maximization): Buster.

Boss #3: The Tycoon

Magitek Crossray: Short column AoEs in cardinal directions from the boss. After the countdown, will extend for infinite range in the direction of the gears.
Defensive Array: Same as Magitek Crossray, but fired from the arena's edge—look for blue lights.
Artificial Gravity: Small red AoEs; these rapidly expand before resolving, give them plenty of space.
Rail Cannon: Buster.
Magicrystal: AoE markers on all players.
High-tension Discharger: Raidwide.