E4N - Eden's Gate: Sepulture

Voice of the Land: Raidwide.
Evil Earth: One square explodes, then all surrounding squares explode, repeating outward. Move in as the explosions resolve.
Weight of the Land: Marks random squares to explode simultaneously, avoid.
Stonecrusher: Heavy buster + Physical Vulnerability Up. Small AoE. Tanks should swap.
Crumbling Down: Proximity AoEs. Move to the middle of the north or south edge. Spawns two Massive Boulders.
Seismic Wave: Move behind the Massive Boulder that isn't glowing. (You can run through them.)
Geocrush: Knockback. Move near the origin.
Massive Landslide ("Arms"): Move directly in front of Titan or die. Shockwave.
Cobalt Bomb: Drops bombs that explode in a circular AoE after a delay. Titan will tether one bomb, making the explosion much larger.
  • 4 bombs in square: Move to the edge between two small bombs.
  • 3 lines in sequence: Move to the last line that dropped, avoiding the large bomb, then move to the center after it becomes safe.
  • 4 bombs + 5 bombs: Move to a bomb that dropped in the second set, then move to an area in the first set as it becomes safe.
Fault Zone ("Car"): Move to Titan's side—whichever one is closest to the center of the arena—or die. Knocks back. Shockwave. Often repeated quickly.
Earthen Fury: Heavy raidwide.
Landslide: Two long column AoEs. Shockwave.
Leftward Landslide: Move to Titan's right side or die. Shockwave.
Rightward Landslide: Move to Titan's left side or die. Shockwave.
Magnitude 5.0: Stack under boss.