E3N - Eden's Gate: Inundation

Tidal Roar: Raidwide.
Rip Current: Huge buster in a line aimed at MT. Point away from group.
Temporary Current: Huge AoE; move to either safe corner.
Drenching Pulse: Dodge circle AoEs, then spread for AoE markers.
Tidal Wave: Medium knockback. Geyser appears west or east, move towards that side.
Undersea Quake: Arena destruction. Safe spot alternates: watch the glowing heads.
Crashing Pulse: Dodge circle AoEs, then stack with the marked player.
Tsunami: All players receive exactly 1 of these 4 markers, appearing and resolving in order.
  • 1x Surging Tsunami: Knockback marker. Move away from others to avoid scattering everyone.
  • 1x Smothering Tsunami: Stack with marked player.
  • 5x Splashing Tsunami: AoE markers on 4 players (spread), donut on 1 player (probably stand still).
  • 1x Surging Tsunami: Same knockback marker, new target.
Maelstrom: Small blue AoEs expand into large, unsafe pools. Divebombs hit half the arena (look for water portals).