E1N - Eden's Gate: Resurrection

Spear of Paradise: Buster, hits twice.
Eden's Gravity: Strong raidwide.
Vice and Virtue: Varies.
  • Tanks get red markers: Fires lasers at both tanks. Point these away from the group.
  • Players get purple markers: AoE + puddles on marked players.
Eden's Flare: Stack under boss.
Pure Light: Boss moves to a corner. Move behind it before cast resolves.
Delta Attack: AoE divides the arena into quadrants + AoE markers on all players.
Dimensional Shift: Strong raidwide.
Pure Beam: Sets of aimed column AoEs, resolving in sequence. Infinite range.
Paradise Lost: Circle AoEs on players.
Fragor Maximus: Proximity AoEs; move to edge of arena. Spawns 2x Guardian of Paradise, which tanks should pick up, spamming light raidwide until they're killed.
Eternal Breath: Strong raidwide.