Trash: First Doom

Terminus Roiler will tether the healer to repeatedly apply Healing Magic Down.

Boss #1: The First Beast

Venomous Breath: Short-range cone AoE on tank.
Meteor Rain: Non-tanks are marked, dropping meteors that explode for medium proximity damage after a delay. Drop these near corners, but not directly against the wall.
Falling Sky: Two players drop large circular AoEs.
The Final Sky: Line-of-sight the boss behind a meteor—lethal if failed. After this resolves, move opposite the boss to avoid a massive AoE.

Trash: Second Doom


Boss #2: Terminus Bellwether

Shrill Shriek: Raidwide.
Burst: DPS check. Explodes for raidwide damage when killed.

Trash: Third Doom

Aimed lasers throughout. Ranged and casters should stay away from melees to minimize chaos.

Boss #3: Therion

Shadow Wreck: Moderate raidwide.
Apokalypsis: Move to any side platform that isn't pink and cracked. Sustained damage in a wide column.
Therion Charge: Proximity AoE. Relatively low damage; move back to the next set of side platforms.
Deathly Ray: Alternates.
  • Variant I: fires horizontal lasers in alternating sets, dealing sustained damage.
  • Variant II: fires two aimed lasers and drops circular AoEs on random players.