Akademia Anyder

Trash: Ichthyology


Boss #1: Cladoselache and Doliodus

Protolithic Puncture: Buster.
Tidal Guillotine (Cladoselache): Point-blank AoE, medium range.
Pelagic Cleaver (Doliodus): ~45° cone, infinite range.
Aquatic Lance (Cladoselache): AoE marker w/ puddle, moderate damage. Place on edge of arena.
Marine Mayhem (Doliodus): Light raidwide.
Carcharian Verve: Grants Damage Up. Used when the other boss is killed.

Trash: Phytobiology

Worst Breath (Engendered Anemone): Wide frontal cone. Applies several crippling debuffs.

Boss #2: Marquis Morbol

Sap Shower: AoE markers on multiple players, moderate damage.
Arbor Storm: Light raidwide.
Extensible Tendrils: Raised tentacles = unmarked column AoEs. Repeated several times as boss rotates; unmarked frontal cone after final rep.
Blossom: Sections of the arena become unsafe, marked in purple. The center ring (white/gold pattern) will always be safe.

Trash: Phytobiology

Noahionto (Evil Armor): Raidwide. Interruptible.

Boss #3: Quetzalcoatl

Shockbolt: Buster.
Thunderbolt: Raidwide.
Thunderstorm: Ground AoEs + AoE markers on all players. Ground AoEs drop orbs when they resolve; pick them up for stacking Damage Up.
Winding Current: Run under boss to back of arena, avoiding expanding AoEs.